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With the few donations we have raised so far we have started our first Aquaponics growing beds.



Monday - Friday:     10 - 8 
Saturday & Sunday: 9 - 4





We welcome volunteers with open arms, whether that be to mentor a special needs employee with a job task already in place or bring a new idea to our organization. Learning is what we do best and volunteers are the best instructors!


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We're proud to announce our first newsletter will be available in June of 2016.

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Our team consists of 100% volunteers who are determined to enhance the lives of the young adult special needs population by bridging the gap between abilities and disabilities in the Huron Valley Community. Comprised of business owners, educators, parents and community members, our staff each bring key elements to the success of our operation.

  • Aquaponics Farm
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Pallet Art, Furniture
  • Vinyl Art
  • Commercial Shredding
  • Firewood Sales
  • Tent Rentals
  • Organic Oils & Creams

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The farm is in building mode!


Mi Abilities is just starting out. We are developing a few small micro-enterprises to assist our young adults. Please come and visit us and helps us take this venture to a new place within the community.

We have new ways to assist our young adults find their way in life. The divisions of business we have created are rapidly growing and allowing our young adults to succeed and thrive within our community.  Brain research has shown that certain methods and approaches can truly enhance the learning process. Applying innovative learning and attention-management techniques to works is a win-win for both employees and employers.

Our Locations/Contact:


Mi Abilities

2380 Wixom Trail

Suite M

Milford MI 48381




There is no better time to get involved than the present! At the infancy of our program, we invite you to learn what we do, bringyour strengths to our organization and change the future of our special needs community.

Interested in making a donation? Want to learn more about what we do now and our plans for the future? Eager to support our organization by patronizing our products/services?  Contact us today at info@miabilities.org or (248) 685-0050.

​We can't wait to hear from you!